About Us

In order to meet the continuous growth of harnesses production in Tunisia, Elloumi group created in 1990 its first plant, COFICAB Tunisia (former Electric Cables) to manufacture automotive cables. Indeed, Elloumi Group is dotted with long experience in the industry of power, telecommunication and special cables since 1963 through its affiliate, Chakira Cable. The latter is one of the most notorious companies in Tunisia. Thanks to this experience in cables industry as well as to the fruitful partnerships with its customers, COFICAB Tunisia acquired an incontestable know-how in the automotive field, which allowed it to be deployed globally. The main structures of the group internationalization are:

1992 Coficab Tunisie, Tunisia
1993 Coficab Portugal
2001 Coficab Maroc, Morocco
2005 Coficab Deutschland (Office)
2006 Coficab Romania
           Coficab Sarl, Tunisia (ADC)
2009 Coficab Med, Tunisia
2010 Coficab Int., Morocco (ADC)
2013 Coficab Kenitra, Morocco
          Coficab Mexico, Spain
          Coficab Ploiesti, Romania
          Coficab El Paso, USA (ADC)
2014 Coficab Durango, Mexico
          Coficab Kavadarci, Macedonia (ADC)
          New R&D Center, Portugal
2015 Coficab Shanghai, China (ADC)
          Coficab Leon, Mexico
          Coficab Tianjin, China
          Engineering Center, Mexico
2016 Coficab Belgrade, Serbia
          Coficab Honduras, Honduras (ADC)

ADC = Advanced Delivery Center (Distribution Center)