Product Range

COFICAB designs and manufactures all cross-sections and temperature ranges,
according to customer needs
COFICAB designs and manufactures high voltage cables for ELECTROMOBILITY.
We are capable of offer a wide product portfolio along with a broad product localization, reducing costs, time, and CO2 footprint

To meet the rapidly changing requirements of the automotive industry, COFICAB designs and manufactures such high voltage resistant cables for today’s innovative automotive industry.

Electric powertrains include full electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid. In order to shift vehicle design away from the use of fossil fuels and carbon gas emissions, they require cables to cope with high voltages (i.e. voltages up to 1500 V.). Cables need to pass special tests during the production process to secure an adequate level of electrical strength and to fulfill these requirements in terms of voltage.

COFICAB offers the widest range of HV solutions

- Shielded (with or without tape) and unshielded cables.

- Insulation materials:
SiR up to 200ºC
COFFLEX up to 150ºC
PPZH (in cross section range 0,35mm2 till 6,00mm2 ) for 125ºC.

- T4 and T3 cost effective solution is to use COFFLEX.

- Copper or Aluminum Conductors in any of the above-mentioned Insulation Materials.

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