Product Range

COFICAB designs and manufactures all cross-sections and temperature ranges,
according to customer needs
COFICAB designs and manufactures data cables for CONNECTIVITY, to be used in multimedia applications.
We are capable of offer a wide product portfolio along with a broad product localization, reducing costs, time, and CO2 footprint

Technologies known as V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle), V2I (Vehicle to Infrastructure) and V2X (Vehicle to Everything) promise to extend the vehicle’s connection to the outside world, examples of such technologies are: systems that identify objects and alert the driver, direct contact with the emergency service in case of an accident or even digital entertainment options on the web, camera systems with 8k resolution.

Connecting the vehicle with everything

COFICAB designs and manufactures high transmission rate cables suitable for multimedia systems applications, such as:

COAXIAL, HSD, USB, CAN + CAN FD, Flexray and Ethernet Cables

- High quality data transmission for different environment temperature;
- Consistent impedance;
- Low attenuation;
- High flexibility;
- High mechanical properties;
- Solid and Foamed dielectrics;
- Good behavior with respect of EMC.

Applications: GPS, LAN, GSM, MP3/MP4, Surround view cameras, Radio and more.

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